Caring For Your Clothes

There’s nothing sexy about clothes hangers but having spent all my working life closely engaged with them I know that however much we might like to ignore such a dullsville subject they are important. Why spend a lot of money on clothes and then treat them with contempt by hanging them badly, or at all?  How many of you can say, hand on heart, that when you open your wardrobe  you are greeted by a vision of order?  Well here is the result of my years of experience; three coat hangers which I have found will cover all the options. Two wooden ones, both with indents and one with a cross bar and the other the  addition of handy rubber ends for wide necked tops and dresses, the third hanger is a metal ‘peg’ crossbar they are wooden ones available but they are considerably wider and take up more space on a rail. The wooden hangers are available in all supermarkets the peg hanger is not but can be bought on ebay or get together with a friend and put in an order at the retailer’s go to bible Morplan and buy them, together with the handy rubber ‘stick-ons’ plus lots of other goodies at a discount. This has to be the my top tip for 2016!IMG_2297 IMG_2298

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