Why Do We Buy Clothes?

We all have too many clothes, which is why it takes so long to make the simple decision; what shall I wear today?

So why do we buy?

  1.  We have seen someone looking good in an item and buy it hoping it will confer the same magic on us.

2.   An emailed offer/sale notification.

3.   Bad day, we are in need of some retail therapy.

4.   Bonding.  Out shopping with a friend, she purchases, we do too.

5.  An occasion when we will be centre stage.   This is the only time we really ‘need’ a new outfit, most women descend into

panicdom, which is alleviated by throwing cash at the problem.

Re-reading the list above, it is no surprise that our wardrobes are over stuffed with disparate items rather than a collection of pieces which together create a series of outfits. We no longer buy from coordinated ranges like Betty Barclay or Gerry Weber but they did make life easier, we now have to do the work ourselves. Start with a capsule wardrobe.

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