I need new footwear


Footwear doesn’t normally cause me any headaches. I tootle along quite happily for a few seasons then suddenly  look down at my feet and realise that what I am wearing  is so wrong. Autumn 2016 is one of those seasons. Have you noticed how knee high boots just don’t look right any more? It’s same with ballet flats. Footwear has gone chunkier.  After many hours of pleasurable research (there’s not much I enjoy more than looking at and trying on shoes) here are my conclusions; to bring yourself up to date,  a pair of plain  biker boots, i.e. without studs chains etc, and preferably with a cleated soul, will replace those knee high boots which have given such good service. Second, loafers, again a chunky design with or without a block heel, will look good both with knee length dresses, skirts and with narrow trousers. Both these purchases will give you a contemporary look without looking scarily ‘out there’, and most important they will be comfortable. Perfect really.

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