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In action at the November 2014 How to Wear Black workshop

In action at the November 2014 How to Wear Black workshop

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

Very few of us have the wardrobe we need. A well organised one leaves time and energy for the more important things in life. Beginning with core neutrals and  introducing flattering patterns and coordinating colours, you can start to build a collection of clothes and accessories which showcase your personal style and also save you time, and more importantly money!

How To Wear Black

Black is the staple of most women’s wardrobe, a fail-safe colour that always seems to make us feel slimmer but how to wear it creatively can be a challenge. Through use of accessories and by understanding the ‘circle of colour’ I will explain how everyone (regardless of their ‘diagnosed’ Colours) can wear black.

Colour Coordinate with Confidence

There is no doubt that we all have colours that suit us more than others, and many of us have had their ‘Colours done’, sometimes more than once and with confusingly different outcomes. I have a fresh approach, taking the old adage, ‘I can tell you, I can show you, but if I teach you how to do it yourself’, it will stick.  In this Etcetera Style Workshop I explain colour theory,  examine our relationship to colour, and show you how to use a colour wheel to experiment with different and exciting colour combinations. There are individual and group exercises and at the end of the workshop everyone will be better equipped to dress stylishly and creatively.

Shop Your Shape, Not Your Size

Buying clothes should be one of the most pleasurable experiences in the world, but so often it isn’t. Unless like me it is your job to spend many hours reading fashion magazines, and visiting designers and manufacturers looking at new ranges,  it can be dispiriting when what you are looking for just doesn’t seem to exist. IT’S NOT JUST YOU!  As with anything, preparation is key and that is what this workshop is all about. I will take you through the latest trends whilst also showing you different styles to flatter your bodyshape.

Ten Ways To Tie a Scarf

A scarf has become a must-have accessory and we all have more than we can count, but do we use them effectively? In this Etcetera Style Workshop I show you how to. Using a variety of shapes and fabrics you will learn how to coordinate and tie the perfect scarf to give you instant style, and put the finishing touch to any outfit. By providing lots of scarves on which to practice it is my proud boast that no one goes away without learning a minimum of three new ways.





























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